Wyclef is a man I love and respect cause he walks the walk when he talks the talk. Look at these pics of him playing Papa Noel in Haiti this past Christmas. Now of course after tweeting these pics some people post that he should not teach kids about Santa and be a revolutionary and what not. These are kids, and every kid likes to feel special at Christmas, I see nothing wrong with what he did. They will all grow up eventually and they will choose whether they want to celebrate Christmas or not but I am sure they will NOT forget his generosity!

And he continues with the help in 2010.Wyclef performing in Lagos Nigeria!

Though Wyclef was performing thousands of miles away in Nigera, Yele Haiti (founded by clef) started the new year by giving soup to the hungry. Trust me it look good eh. I LOVE pumpkin soup!

Look at the smiles! God bless you Wyclef, have an awesome 2010.

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