Mr. Vegas thinks Jamaican music is going to the dogs. Autotune, poor lyrics and stage performace and just plan old lack of talent is killing the industry. He made his feelings known on his Twitter page earlier this week and now on his My Space blog:

On current artists:

I realize that these “now a day” artists that say they running the place is a
bunch of waste of time and peoples money. If you take away the war from these
artist them nuh good not even near good. If they not throwing words at each
other on stage they can't entertain a crowd for 15 minutes, I am back stage
like, what the fu.k is that? What has the music gone to?

On veteran artists
I remember when I was growing up and if you get a chance to
see a show live or a video of the show, Tiger, Admiral Bailey, Stitchie, Papa
San, then to Ninja, Shabba, Buju, & Beenie (before him start gi weh him ting
and forgot he is the king), had the crowd eating out of their hands. From start
to finish all when the come off people asking for more, now the people dem just
stand up a look like, did I pay for this shit?
Who he likes right now
Without the auto tune weh them use inna the studio fi mek the song sound
decent them artist yah sound like shit mi nah lie. The one Good new talent that
is out there I-octane the radio and selector not looking at him, they only waan
be apart of Gaza/Gully.

On Female artists
Now to the female artist them, my Gooood what a tragedy they caan stay out after
5.30 cause the rubbish truck comes around that time. I don't understand how they
got into music I was at teen splash back stage and I swear them look like market
woman and their voice
is a whole different story the crowd sing them song
better than them, they have no key, no idea, nothing, I want to vomit.

On Quality of music
fu.king Bruce Golding them weh a get involve inna dancehall music need to
ban all computer from the studio, or ban the producer dem weh produce these no
talent mashing up the music artist yah

Role of audience
The worst part of this shit is, its going world wide via stream so the
whole world get to see the shit we accepting. People of Jamaica need to do
better cause I know they know better music they use to run people off stage with
this shit. Come on people are we hearing the same thing, if we keep supporting
this shit we will never get back to music, right now is only fu.kery.

Promoters are part of the problem too:
And for the promoter them weh keep teen splash and put some of these
artist on to perform for 11 and 12 year old kids hmmmm mi rest it deh

I replied to his post and basically said that he made some valid points but there is good music out there. Just listen to Tarrus, Etana, Makeida, Queen Ifrica, Duane Stephenson, Damian Marley, Konshens etc. They have positve songs which people know word for word. Of course I had to mention the wealth of talent in Dominica: Dice, Shadowflow, Olbenz, Aima, Ras Judah, Dr. Silk-right! And I challenged him to use his influence to find and develop the kind of talent he wants to see.

Overall there are a lot of negatives in the music industry today, just look at the crap that Lisa Hype, and the other females are doing. Where is the honor in comparing your private parts??? I mean Spice song was creative and all but at the end of the day how does it make you a better artist and how does it make the world a better place?????

You know what I like about Vegas music??? Two things, it makes me dance and it makes me smile. I mean can you listen to "I Am Blessed" and not feel good? or "Gallis" and not want to cut a rug????? Everyone will not make that kind of music though. So at the end of the day it is up to listeners to decide what is good music and go out and look for it. It is out there waiting for you to discover and enjoy.

I listen to radio but when I get fed up of hearing the same songs...especially money and bling,bling songs (can't stand those) I listen to my own collection. Rakim y Ken-Y, Luke Dube, Alison Hinds, Machel Montano, Musiq Soulchild, Ryan Leslie, Warren, Nasio Fontaine, Michele Henderson, WCK, Lazo, Triple Kay, Jah Cure, Sizzla, Anthony B, CAMAR, marie-claire, Rihanna, Shontelle, Kassav, Saik, Ayeola (how you mean? lol), Nicola Lionfish (the more I listen the more I love her voice and style), Baron, Sade, Buju Banton, Cherine Anderson, Tessanne Chin, Tami Chin, Wayne Wonder, Wayne Marshall, Da'Ville, Garnet Silk, Lil Rick (he keeps me dancin), Pressure, Ziggy Rankin (I try to imitate his runs, too funny), Kayla Bliss, Styl Pus (they are like the Nigerian BoyzIIMen), Emiline Michel, Wyclef Jean, Kali......the list goes on and on....

Bottom line. We have GREAT music, its just to bad that it is hardly on your radio or club or live show.

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