When I look at this pic, I ssee Fire, I see conviction, I see purpose, I see strenghth. I see Nelly Stharre. Lets get to know her (and of course we'll start with some fun stuff)!

Nelly Stharre Have You Ever?

Quit a Job?
No, most of my adult life I kept away from the nine-to-five and stuck to music and food…(pause) but never quit.

Call in sick when you weren’t then really got sick?
Not at a job, but every chance I got. I was in the sick room at school, especially for Spanish class;-)

Jump into the sea and get attacked by sea ants?
Never seen sea ants…

Ever given a hickie?
Back in my days we called them love bites-it sounds so much more Afromatic than hickeys……If the readers are interested in this question, well let me just say to you: YOU TOOO FASSST

Come close to dying?

Eaten food off the floor?
Yes as a child. You blow it and all the germs go away.

Ever stolen anything below or above 30 dollars?
Maybe candy from my mothers draw but nothing major, even though I got some rahtid licks for it when she came to school and taught me a lesson. Never stole from her again!

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