Jah Cure just released a statement that DNA results prove that he is not the father of a newborn.

There have been recent media reports about a DNA test result that involved Jah Cure. While not wishing to join the media circus that has ensued because of these revelations, Jah Cure wishes to outline a few facts and settle the matter once and for all. Jah Cure has supported the mother throughout her pregnancy and had his father and manager be with her at the time of delivery in the US. His support for her throughout this period was unwavering. Before the birth of the child Jah Cure requested a DNA test, a request which the mother refused. Despite this, Jah Cure continued to support the child and the mother.

Now that the DNA test has been done and it has been shown that he is not the father, Jah Cure wishes to move on.

The fact is that the most important individual in this whole affair is the child and the longer that this continues the more damage is being done to the child. Jah cure will not now abandon the child but wishes that the media respect the privacy of the parties as the child is indeed innocent and did not contribute to the mistakes of the adults involved.

The messed up part is that the mother refused DNA before the birth, Jah Cure sent his father and brother to be with her for the birth and he has to deal with a child that he probably had a bond with. the even more messed up part is this is not the first time he has been accused of fathering a child (a son that time) that was not his. Like I always say when I give opinion, who am I to judge right??? But some women just see entertainers and just think $$$$$$$. I hope that is a lesson for him and other artists to play it safe. After all, according to him condoms "are a must." And true to the press release the child is the ultimate victim. At least Jah Cure is doing a positive thing by still being there. Cyan make de chile pay for her mother mistake.

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