Lisa Raye mentioned in an interview with Sandra Rose that her ex-husband former Turks and Caicos premier Michael Misick stopped payment on her 20-year old daughter Kai's university education.

Lisa Raye and ex-husband Michael Misick, former Premier of Turks and Caicos Islands.

I’m so proud of her. She’s a little upset coming from over in Europe abruptly. My ex-husband let his financial support… he just abruptly stopped [paying her tuition] and messed up her schooling. It was the same school he went to get his doctorate degree and that just f*cked her up. You don’t do that to no kid, you know what I’m sayin?

She's putting him on blast for doing that. But Kai is not his biological child, so should she even be angry that he cut her off???? What do you guys think?????

Lisa Raye in GIANT Mag photo spread.

On her relationship with Rev. Al Sharpton:

I think what people don’t know… they underestimated my role as First Lady… we were in a different country with different rules. Britain had taken over. They have suspended the Constitution and made my ex-husband step down and started a new government. So that made different rules and laws for me with my divorce. So when Rev. Sharpton came to me, he was like ‘you’re a little out of your league with this.’ So I actually leaned on him as one of our civil rights leaders and being a smart man and being one of the closest black men to our president that you can lay your hands on. I think that was a smart ass move. I was like, ‘come help me.’

SR: So he helped you out with the legal part of the divorce?

It’s not over. I’m divorced legally. But it’s two parts you know, the financial settlement, the divorce settlement. Because my ex-husband is up for corruption of governmental funds and money laundering… you know everything is just up in the air with that. And I’m like well, why I got to wait? I ain’t got nothing to do with all that? When I met my ex-husband I was my own millionaire. I was doing my own damn thing.


see Lisa Raye's spread in GIANT Magazine by clicking HERE

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  1. Anonymous March 29, 2011 at 1:34 PM  

    I seen lisa Raye magazine cover and I think it is a digrace to all First ladies. She had a nerve to say why did they put that photo show her ASS, on the cover, my question is why did she take a photo like that knowing she was an ex-first lady.She also has a filthy mouth. I know God is glad she is no longer a first lady, i know I'm glad.

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