Since the late December launch of Etana's music video competition on RE TV, tons of votes have poured in from fans. The buzz has been incredible so far and the massive still have a chance to cast their vote for their favorite video and be entered into a drawing for fantastic prizes.
The music video competition, which features Etana's three new, red-hot videos "August Town," "Free" and "Happy Heart," has been heating up RE TV and the Reggae music industry. Not only is this the first time a contest of this sort has aired on RE TV -- notably, it's also the first time a Reggae artist has released three music videos at one time. To make Etana's simultaneous video releases even more special, each video boasts impeccable production and quality.

Over the past few weeks, viewers have been able to avidly detail why they selected a particular video as their favorite. Leaning on reasons such as theme, message, costumes, set and scenery, the viewing audience stands by their picks. "This is a great feeling," says Etana humbly. "All of these videos are my babies....but I need to hear what the fans like and why."

"August Town," "Free," and "Happy Heart" were produced by top Reggae music video directors Winston "Tyson" Mayhew, Jay Will and Scorpio 21 respectively. Leaders in this genre, each of the directors injected raw talent and style into their efforts. Capturing three of Etana's many sides, these new videos/singles provide all with a glimpse at the musical diversity slated for Etana's sophomore album release.

"These videos provide us with the perfect opportunity to introduce Reggae music fans to the eclectic, multi-talented artist known as Etana," says Etana's manager Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin, Inc. "There is no doubt in my mind that the diversity of the new videos/singles will expand Etana's fanbase and popularity."
The live broadcast of the music competition finale will feature Etana announcing and calling the selected first (mac laptop), second (blackberry) and third (Ipod - loaded with Etana's music) prize winners on air.

In addition to an overwhelming voting response, the tv media outlets have been aggressively seeking to incorporate the videos into rotation. To date, numerous tv outlets through out the Caribbean, Europe and the U.S. have inquired. By the day, the fanfare increases. Etana is truly one of Reggae music's most talented singers. Boldly, bearing the title of "Strong One," the soulful chanteuse never fails to entertain the massive with thought-invoked, quality music

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