Live Sex at Jamaican Dance!

Posted by Ayeola | 1/12/2010 11:22:00 PM

There is a DVD going around of a couple having sex at a Jamaican dance, surrounded by patrons, while being egged on by the DJ

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One876Entertainment gives a pretty good description:

As the new year kicks off, there is a new trend that is gaining popularity in the dancehall where dance patrons can be treated to a live sex act right in the middle of a dance.
The trend, called Go Go Jam Jam, originated in Linstead, St. Catherine where a man and a woman indulged in live sex while a sound system played in the background, and patrons gathered around in a crude circle. The event took place at an open-air venue close to Charlemont on the Ewarton main road.

First, the event kicked off when a woman spread a thin square of cloth on a sponge mattress in the middle of the dance, then a man dressed only in an underpants came up. Two scantily-clad women then helped him to put on a condom, while the selector played 'Slew Dem Wid Karate' by Sizzla Kalonji. Afterwards the selector announced 'bloodclaat the blues start' and then after some amount of titillation by one girl, dressed in fishnet stockings, the sex act began.

The two performed with lots of gusto, having happy coitus in a stunning variety of sexual positions to songs such as Serani's She Loves Me and QQ's Stuckie. At one point, as the man pounded away in the missionary position, the other woman entered the circle and began to spank him on the butt while members of the audience put up finger gun salutes and lighters flickered in the dark.

Th selector also cheered on the 'performers' and even instructed them to change positions and try different styles, almost as if he were a porn director. The forwards were loud for Munga's Wine Pon It where the female positioned herself on top of the male, and the crowd loved how the girl simulated the popular dance to Vegas' Hot Wuk.

During the act, which has been packaged for an x-rated film called Go Go Jam Jam, the female hid her face with the aid of a handkerchief from the glare of the cameras but the man didn't seem to care that his identity was being exposed.

Yeah...the girl had a bandana tied to her face and a black wig....I think the whole thing was disgusting....she is very skilled yes....probably was an exotic dancer....maybe...I don't know that for a fact. Guy has a ummmm strong body...face??? no comment. At least they used a condom but doesn't it just makes you wonder is anything sacred???? If a man and his woman in the bush somewhere getting it on, who am I to judge them, but this idea of going to a dance to see people have sex, I mean come on where is the fun in that???? I dunno. I am no prude but I just think that it was not in good taste....some may ask well would it have been better if it was in a hotel room or an apartment with the same people, the DJ and all, is it because it looks "hood" or "ghetto" why people are so negative???? If it was happening in the playboy mansion and instead of Dancehall they were playing Hip-Hop or Rock and Roll would we still make a fuss???? Are we just upset because the image of the conservative Caribbean woman is coming apart???? Are we really conservative or just like to do our dirty business in secret??? This 18 min video really got me asking some questions....what about you?

Link to video HERE

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