Miami rapper Trina (Katrina Tayor) says she is giving serious consideration to adopting a Haitian child. I know she has Dominican roots (as in la Republica) but she also says in the statement that she has Haitian relatives, so I guess the situation is hitting very close to home for her.

In an official statement on the subject, she says:

“With the current state that Haiti is in right now, I personally feel like donating monetary and physical possessions is an enormous and vast donation; however, I would like to contribute on a higher level for more personal reasons like being ready to raise/nurture a child and by being involved on a day to day basis,” Trina states.

“The tragic and untimely list of events that have happened in Haiti–even before the recent “Earthquake”–have made me realize how blessed I am as an individual. I want to share that with a child who is a victim in this disturbing time, in addition to adding on to my immediate family circle.”

“I am in the financial position to adopt, therefore, I am taking it into deep consideration at this time. I have always admired other individuals for adopting children not so much for their celebrity status, but more so because of the nurturing and invaluable change and joy it will bring to a child’s life.”

“Lastly, the fact that I am considering adopting a child from Haiti is even more significant to me because a great deal of adopted children come into the United States from larger countries–like China, Russia and African countries. I also have family members that are of Haitian descent.”

Kudos to her. Hope she really does it.

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