Wow....two down, one more to go. Gaza Indu, after what happen to Lisa Hype (now Lisa Hyper) and Gaza Kim (now Kym), I say watch your back girl. Gaza Kim is officially out of Portmore Empire after she was beaten outside Big Yard studios. Fingers have been pointing to Vybz Kartel and members of the Empire as being responsible for the attack, allegations they strongly deny. Gaza Kim became part of the empire last year at age 17. She is known for her popular song with Vybz Kartel "Teenage Pregnancy."

Gaza Kim and Vybz Kartel in a poster for their song "Teenage Pregnancy"

From Jamaica Star:

Several members of the Portmore Empire have been quick to deny being beaten, as well as any involvement or knowledge of any beating that have taken place in the crew.

As news of an assault on teenage singer and member of the Portmore Empire, Gaza Kim at 'Big Yard', off Mannings Hill Road, spread in the media yesterday, other members of the Portmore Empire have since contacted THE STAR to proclaim their innocence.

Rumours have been circulating that other members of the Empire were being beaten on a regular basis and another artiste was rumoured to have been beaten over the weekend when they defended Gaza Kim.

verbal altercation

According to reports in Tuesday's STAR, Gaza Kim was at Big Yard when she and a group of men got into a verbal altercation. THE STAR source claimed that Vybz Kartel arrived on the scene and the men were instructed to beat her. A statement from Kartel, however, denied his involvement in the incident and condemned violence against females and children. A statement from Gaza Kim confirmed that she had been assaulted over the weekend and sought medical attention, details as to what happened, however, were omitted. According to the release, Gaza Kim says she will be taking legal action against her attackers.

Gaza Indu, known for songs such as Virginity alongside Vybz Kartel, was one of the first to call. Indu made it clear that she has never been beaten, nor was she present at the time that Gaza Kim was beaten. Indu said that she was calling all media contacts so as to clear her name. One of the latest females added to the Gaza crew, Sheba, also contacted THE STAR. Like Indu, Sheba stated that she was not present at 'Big Yard' over the weekend and did not appreciate that her name was being called up by the media and in rumours concerning any assault.

Two of the leading male artistes from the Empire, Blak Ryno and Jah Vinci also made contact with THE STAR yesterday. Persistent rumours of being beaten have circulated around both figures. When asked about these rumours Ryno replied, "a lot of things have been said about di Gaza that aren't true. We cannot control what is being said in the media ... I am sure about myself and I have never witnessed any one being beaten on di Gaza."

As for singer Jah Vinci persons have questioned whether he is still a member of the Portmore Empire, after rumours have spread that he no longer hangs with the popular crew. Jah Vinci however, denied these rumours saying, "Gaza fi life."

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