20 Questions: Natalie Storm

Posted by Ayeola | 1/22/2010 11:14:00 PM

Talk di ting dem start talk di ting dem,Talk di ting dem start talk di ting dem, Talk di ting dem start talk di ting dem buss Natalie bizneeeeessss!!!!
If you know this refrain (with my little edit..LOL) then you know Natalie Storm, musically anyway. How about getting to know her better?

Natalie Storm Have you ever???

Had a wardrobe malfunction in public?
I went 2 a Reggae Boyz match back in 2008 and wore this tank that was cute but was way 2 sexy for the match(I was trying 2 distract the other side *wink*). When the Reggae Boyz scored the first goal I started jumping around and in my excitement my boobs fell out. Mi nuh mean nuh likkle peep show…They were all out nipples and all! My friend, Koffy was like “No Nats, U a go 2 hard”. I was soooo embarassed. I worried that some1 might have taken a pic and post it on the net or something but I guess everybody was preoccupied with the match 2 even notice.

Been fired from or quit a job?
I quit a job once. When I just left high school I was working at this accounting firm and the boss was coming on to me so I quit. He was good friends with my mother so he made me sick (ugh).

Fallen asleep in public?
I used to fall asleep in math class and dream of my math teacher who I had a crush on (Mi mother waan hear mi…lol). When I’d wake up there would always be drool all over my notebook *smiles*.

Been star struck?
I went on tour with Enur in 2008 and Estelle and Lady Gaga were on one of the shows we did. I was excited. That’s the only time I can say I’ve ever been star struck.

Bathed someone over 21 years old?
My mother was ill once and I had 2 bathe her. I’d do almost anything for any1 I care about.

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