On Stage opened 2010 with the most talked about artists in 2009 or at least the latter part. Host Winford williams kicked things off with MC Nuffy who at 14:17 explains the Spice not performing at Sting situation. He also spoke with Kiprich and rounded it off with Lisa Hype now Hyper.
I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. She was softspoken, but I can see she is a strong girl. He asked her if she was not "perturbed" by the photos. she said "I'm not embarrassed. Anything you do in life you supposed to prepare to pay the consequence for it." He asked her about her readiness to face any musical challenge. I loved her response: "I've been released from the best but I learned from the best."

She also spoke about her family and her relationship with her parents, as well as her hopes for the future. I think some people who watch this will be pleasantly suprised.


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