This week actress/reality tv star LisaRaye stopped by the Vibe and Uptown offices during her "Day in the Life" in New York City. Holding no punches, the former first Lady of Turks & Caicos went in on why her marriage failed, why she decided to do a reality TV show and being a gold digger.

On her marriage to Premier Misick:

Maybe I didn’t give my relationship the time to get close. I let a lot pf people into the relationship. I didn’t make time to be a wife.

On why she decided to do reality tv:

When I first decided to do a reality tv I needed money. It was a business decision.

On being precevied as a "gold digger":

People think that I’m a gold digger. I’m digging for platinum. I can’t do nothing with a Burger King man unless he own about 20 or 30 of them."
Read the rest of the interveiw HERE.

You can see Part 1 and Part 2 of her VIBE interview by clicking on them....

She was also on Wendy Williams talking about why she wears white and her new project with Queen Latifah's production company.

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