They don't call Olbenz the Fiyah Warrior for nothing...This man has energy....don't let the small frame fool you. He is a giant on the stage. You can't help but be captivated. Born in Dominica, but recording extensively in the French West Indies, he has made a name for himself in the Reggae and Dancehall arena. The Lime chatted with him recently about this climb to success. Check it out below:

1. What does success mean to you?
Success to me is knowing that the message in my music reaches the people all over the earth and that it inspires them positively in their everyday life.

2. What do you want to achieve in your field?
I've got various goals which I hope to achieve, but my priority is to play my part in ensuring that Dominica's music develops as an industry which could be of financial benefit to every national artist.

3. What is the greatest sacrifice you have made so far in your careet?
Having to leave my loved ones behind on many occasions to build up my music career overseas.

4. Though you already have a loyal following, do you ever fear that you won’t make it big?
When I look to where I came from and see all the opportunities I was blessed with because of music; I dont ever have fears of not making it big . I am more focused on makin good music for my people. Plus, I live my life knowing that no good work or deed goes unrewarded--it always pays of in some form. So, I'm forever optimistic of my future. Real warriors know that anyone living in fear is already defeated.

5. What makes you stand out in your field?
Definitely my energy and the level of perfomance that I consistently bring to the stage. Also the wealth of knowledge that I've acquired over the years.

6. What is the best piece of advice you have been given and who was it from?
Get my music copyrighted by an international copyright society and always pay close attention to the lyrics that I write. That was advice straight from Nasio Fontaine over the phone.

7. What advice do you have for anyone trying to make it in your field?
Stick to the business and pay less attention to the hype.

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