Dancehall artist Reanno Gordon popularly known as Busy Signal has launched a t-shirt line called Busy Signal Turf Gear.

According to the Busy Signal Turf Gear facebook page:

“Busy Signal Turf Gear is authentic Jamaican street gear with world class style. The brand embodies Jamaica attitude, creativity and confidence with an international twist; delivering a fresh spin on urban apparel.”

Already available at local Jamaican stores like Shimmer, and Intuition, Busy Signal Turf Gear will soon be available in Germany, Sweden and Barbados.

Log on to their Facebook page to find out where else it will be available.

You can find the Busy Signal Turf Gear in Jamaica at SHIMMER, INTUITION in Kingston and SHIMMER in Montego Bay. The gear will soon find its way to outlets in Germany, Sweden, and Barbados.

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