OK Clovis we get it already...you think that violent lyrics in Dancehall are directly reponsible for crime and now its coming back to bite the artists that spew them. But dang how many times this week are you gonna try to force this view down the throat of everyone that visits your papers site??? One for each artist that gets shot????

Here is the most recent carton, showing Oneil Edwards (of Voicemail) and Mad Cobra in a hospital bed, being chided for not going to church. So I guess being a member of a church means that crime in Jamaica would be reduced ...like seriously???? Do you know how much crime is done in the name of religion??? But that is another post....

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This cartoon below was the first one which was done this week that addressed violence against artists in Dancehall. The thing is Oneil Edwards does not spew violence in his music so the timing was a bit off. Ok so Mad Cobra gets shot up and now a producer from Arms House records is shot, here comes another cartoon (above).

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I think it is more than insesitive. Even if it was Vybz Kartel that got shot up, it is still wrong.

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