With at JA$35,000.00 donation to Martha's House, Mr. Vegas is definitely putting his money where his mouth is. The Mustard Seed Communities home on North Street in Kingston housed children affected by HIV/AIDS. In March of 2009it was destroyed by fire and they had to relocate to Spanish Town.

Vegas issued a recent statement,

"I went to the first home a few years ago and I was so disheartened and touched by the living situation there and the cheerful spirit of these kids amidst all their trials, that I had to come back and follow up with them and donate money to assist. these are kids who are affected by HIV/Aids and though the new home is almost complete, there are other things that they need and supplies always cost money. Sometimes when we go about our daily lives we forget how blessed we are and complain about the smallest of things and there are others out there in more unfortunate circumstances. Let's not continue to turn a blind eye to our neighbor, but help them in any way we can,"

Many organisations, business entities and individuals have made contributions to Martha'sHome. I am very proud to say that Leah Marville, who was featured in our 20 Questions-Stars on the Rise Feature, also contributed financially to the organisation through her charity The Love Campaign

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