So I recently announced on the site that Diddy was managing Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross. Hey Billboard said it too! Well now Diddy is saying don't believe the hype.

According to a U-Stream video he said:
“For the record, as I said before, don’t believe the rumors. I have not made no announcement yet, don’t believe no rumors about anything y’all hear. me and Nick, we just cool. I like her style. Rick Ross, he’s my brother. There’s no management announcements or none of that. So everybody, worry about what you’re worrying about. It’s all right for people to know each other and have an admiration towards each other and maybe pick each other’s brains for advice. I will be making an announcement in a couple of weeks on some things. But right now, everybody let’s chill out and be cool and stay focused on being positive…”


OK so does that mean he is not managing her period or he's not managing her yet. You know what I think Diddy wants to be the one to drop the news himself and that's what this whole thing is about. Anyways, living my life in the meantime.

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