According to Zimbabwe Mail, Sizzla reportedly bought a house inZimbabwe and has been "roped in to bolster suppor for the embattled former ruling party Zanu (PF) in the next elections."

The site states:

Sizzla,who has fallen in love with Zimbabwe, and known for his infamous praises of the octogenarian leader President Robert Mugabe, is reported to have bought a house in Borrowdale where he is staying while furthering Zanu (PF) agenda.

One of Sizzla’s friends and a partner in the project, Shiloh Binyamin Shimon, revealed that the reggae star was working on various projects with local artists including the one that carried pro-Zanu (PF) lyrics titled “Burn out colonialism”. The artists produced songs and jingles for Zanu (PF) prior to the 2002 Presidential elections.

It was also revealed that Sizzla brought in the country, his trusted producer Curveman, who is staying at the Borrowdale house with the reggae star.

“I work with Sizzla and in the next couple of months we would have finished at least five albums for Zimbabwean musicians,” said Shimon.

It can also be revealed that Sizzla went out of Zimbabwe last Tuesday and might be coming back in June to work on the projects.

Zanu (PF) has turned to unpopular foreign elements to forward its agenda with reports that many Reggae faces were set to invade the country to partner Sizzla with his projects.

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I am all for going back to Africa, and the Pan-Africanist movement, but I don't particularly like the way that Mugabe has treated his own people. I am not sure what Sizzla is trying to achieve, whatever it is, I hope its for the upliftment of the people of Zimbabwe.

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