It's the music of the moment. Some call it Island Pop, some say it's Island R&B. Nicky B dubs it R&D- Rhythm & Dancehall. It's a sound he has been perfecting for the last eight years. Let's get his take on his journey to the top and the success of his sound R&D.

1. What does success mean to you?
Finally being able to pay the bills (lol) No, umm, success just means all the hard work paying off you know? I’ve been at this since 2002- in the studio, working hard on my craft just trying to be the best artist and the best individual I could possibly be. So success shows that all the hard work is worth it.

2. What do you want to achieve in your field?
I think I’ve achieved it. I spent 6-7 years working on a sound and developing a craft that I see different individuals using right now. When I went in the studio and was developing the sound called R&D (Rhythm & Dancehall) never in my wildest imagination would I know that two years later there was going to be a guy from Jamaica that moved to Miami named Sean Kingston that was going to do the same exact thing. (Which they call Dancehall Pop) Yea, it’s called Dancehall pop but it’s the same thing which is highlighting our culture while at the same time using Pop influences. You have people from the VI (Rock City, Iyaz), Christopher Martin, Natel, (Duane Howard), Ricky Blaze…. I feel good knowing that I’ve been doing this for a minute even though its coming out now, but that’s the nature of the game.

3. What is the greatest sacrifice you have made so far in your career?
Stopping school. My house burnt down in 2002 and I was at a crossroad whether or not I was gonna go back to school (at Quality Academics to take courses for entrance to culinary arts school) or spend a year and just do music. After taking a year off from school I was stuck with another choice of going back to school or continuing with the music. When you’re a year in the business it’s like nothing, I’ve been doing this for so long and it is finally getting to a point where people understand that I am a true talent and writer and singer. So my big sacrifice was not earning any money, not gaining recognition and still deciding to leave school alone and keep at it.

4. Though you already have a loyal following, do you ever fear that you won’t make it big?
They say fear is of the devil, you know. I wouldn’t go as far as saying fear. You know, there’s that concern that what if this don’t work out-because you make a sacrifice and this is what’s paying the bills. So if one day it stops, do I start allover? Do I go back to school? But I believe in putting out a certain type of energy in the Universe to have it come back to me, so at the end of the day I just know I’m going to make it and I leave no room for failure.

5. What makes you stand out in your field?
Skibby-di-boom-bam-beng…(laugh) Yeah. You hear that and you know who coming around the corner man. You not looking for any tall dark guy, or a short rastaman…You know is the coolie boy with the curly hair and the glasses.

6. What is the best piece of advice you have been given and who was it from?
The best piece of advice I was given when I first started in the business was from my father Mikey Bennett.I was doing straight R&B music. His advice was very short, but hurtful at the same time ( Your parents are the ones that usually give it to you straight) Yeah, but you don’t want to hear that. He was like “Yow, all dem songs you a do; dead fi hungry music dat. Dat nah go noweh. You need to highlight Jamaica.” He went on to say “ so many artists out of the country are so proud of Jamaica that when dem come here dem always go back home and do something Jamaican” So basically his advice was not to be afraid to highlight that I am from this country. It was great advice.

7. What advice do you have for anyone trying to make it in your field?
Go look another wuk (laught) Ah joke…. Be very very patient. You doh waan hear that but you have to be patient in this business and leave your feelings somewhere else because when feelings get involved you don’t handle constructive criticisms or the negative stuff.You may make enemies or become bitter. You don’t want that. And, just work, work on your craft. Constantly try to develop it. Never, ever feel like you are bigger than the business either cause you’ll be very surprised to learn that you aren’t.

Click HERE to get to know Nicky even better!!! and tune in to his music...Skibidi-boom-bang-beng!! Luv it !!!

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