When my mom visited me at school earlier this year, the one thing I implored her not to forget was my bitters. I put it in juice and I drink it with warm water for a tummy ache. I've been trying to convince my flatmates of the wonders of bitters but so far no success. Any ways it's good to know there are lots of people who share my love of bitters and who would be crushed at the thought of a bitters shortage. Check out this interesting story about Rachel Maddows bitters scare:

She speaks with Giselle Laronde-West (1986 Miss Eorld Winner)who is Communications Manager at Angostura and Genevieve Jodhan Executive Manager of Export Sales and Business Development. The ladies oth went on the Rachel Maddow show to clear up the International Angostura bitters shortage issue and declare it over!!!! Yay!!!

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And by the way if you want to know why the label looks that way, click HERE.

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