Bacchanal Treasures wrapped up this Sunday and not even the rain could stop it or dull the revelers spirits! Take a look at some pics chronicling Jamaica 2010 Carnival from start to finish!

Check out the sexy ladies on the road

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Look...the token (Carnival is all about the sexy girls....)
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Of course the who's-who of Jamaica's business and social scene were taking their foot.....

Michael Ammar of Bacchanal Jamaica
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Gregory Mayne and LIME's Chris Dehring having a time!
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Usain Bolt at Bacchanal Jouvert Friday April 9th (Winston Sill photo)
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Sean Paul was at J'ouvert also!!Lawd look paint!!!!

Ooo look there's College Lifestyle's Tiffany Lue Yen. She's a professional photographer. check out her pics HERE.
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And of course we have some of the leading Soca artists lending their talent to making it a great event!

Michelle Xavier from Imij & Co.
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Ricardo Drue joins Imij & Co. on de big truck!
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Fay Ann at Beach Jouvert James Bond Beach - Oracabessa (King Soca photo)
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Alison Hinds at Bacchanal Friday photo by Jermaine Barnaby
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Kees from Kes the Band showing de Bacchanal Friday crowd de motion
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Kees again This one is for the ladies LOL
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Check Trini Jungle Juice for pics when they update
You can also see pics from Ocean Style Magazine's coverage
and King Soca's as well.

Now you guys know that the late Sir Byron Lee brought carnival to Jamaica right??? His band is still going strong and is now known as Byron Lee's Dragonaires. Well we (hehe, guess who in de band) had a great time performing at Soca Meets vintage at the Pegasus hotel, backing up Baron and Calypso Rose... Here are some pics courtesy of King Soca!! Enjoy!!!!

Ayeola, Jomo and Lima on the mic!!!!

Lima Calbio running de session!

Ayeola and Baron de 'Soca Man'

Calypso Rose--Leh we Punta!!! Look de real Fyah Muma!!!

Ayeola, Morvin Brooks, Lima Calbio and Jomo Primo kicking off de ska session!

That was fuuuun!!!!!

I swear Jomo could be a gym instructor...I had to sleep all day Sunday to recover...Laawwwd!

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