And we continue our Stars on the Rise theme with a young man, making moves in the RnB/Pop world. His name is Duane Stephenson a New-Yorker with Jamaican roots. He is one of innovative young island artists fusing American Pop and RnB with island influences like Reggae and Dancehall. Please read on to see what success means to Duane.

1. What does success mean to you?

Personally to me success is fulfillment within one's self. I feel that if you're doing what your heart desires then you're successful. That's just my outlook on things.

2. What do you want to achieve in your field?
I have a few goals: I want to have a multi-platinum Grammy-nominated album; I want to evolve music with my sound; I want my sound to have a world-wide impact. My goals are pretty much milestones and I'm working towards them and I'm moving at a great pace.

3. What is the greatest sacrifice you have made so far in your career?
I used to play organized American football (which was my first love) for most of my life. I put football on the back burner and here I am banging out these hits in the studio. Iit was hard for me to stop playing, but music took my heart away.

4. Though you already have a loyal following, do you ever fear that you won’t make it big?
Nope I never fear that. I'm doing what I love to do so I don’t worry about that. I have touched many lives, and my music is special to many people so I feel big already.

5. What makes you stand out in your field?
I feel like I stand out because I sound like Duane Howard. Whatever I sing or write comes straight from my thoughts of creativity. I live my music. So when people hear it, they gravitate to it. I feel like I'm standing alone in my field of work.

6. What is the best piece of advice you have been given and who was it from?
I won't say this is the best piece of advice because a lot of words that I have received are as meaningful, but the other day someone told me that I'm at the right age to learn humility, and remember that respect can take your through life without a dollar so stay humble and respectful and you’ll be all right. Those words were given to me by my Producer Carl James.

7. What advice do you have for anyone trying to make it in your field?
All I can say is that the only people that don’t make it is those that give up/quit. You have to have patience because I believe that if you take pride in your work then you will get a shot. So just make sure that your work is of high quality and make sure you put 100% of yourself in your work and hold the faith.

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