So you know how they say a picture tells a thousand words??? Well looking at this picture below you would think that Rihanna was just grinding up on those two robots that accompanied her during her performance of her latest single "Rude Boy" in Berlin recently. It looks rather sexual and many accompanying reports have implied as much.

Was it really though??? I decided to view the performance itself.

From my point of view it was very tongue-in-cheek. The performance wasn't all that but her voice was very strong so I will give her kudos for that. I think she may not have been very interactive because of the language barrier. But back to the bots...I don't really get the water coming out of the eyes part and some allude to sexual innuendo, but I have seen waaaaay worse... and in any case why the surprise when she is singing lines like "come on Rude Boy boy is you big enough?" If you blinked you would have missed it but I guess that is the power of pictures cause however many seconds that lasted, it is cemented in history for ever. Anyways here's another shot, which to me gives a fairer picture of the performance. What say you?

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