As Gyptian once again finds international success with his hit single "Hold Yuh", his love life is not sharing the same glory.

Former girlfriend "Mogla", who is a junior fashion stylist and owner of Reggae N' Style, has taken her pain and story and channeled it into a counteraction to Hold Yuh. Mogla and Gyptian separated recently,rumors are that after a heated argument, he put her out of an apartment they shared after she declined him use of her vehicle.

Unlike other counteractions, this depicts a personal tale of a woman who after 5 years is tired of the stress and heartache of being in a relationship with a "red yeye bwoy who just want mi blings." They say the greatest mystery In the world is in the mind of a women, well wonder no more, here what Mogla has to say about Gyptian. She has a hell of a story and is ready to reveal it.

click HERE to listen to "Can't Hold Me"

What they me your friends and I will show u who you are....reminds me of someone in his "crew" ....

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