According to MediaTakeOut, Usain Bolt got Lava from For The Love of Ray-J knocked up...

Tongues of course are wagging. When you are in such a high profile position every one and their mama is gonna want to have a say in or about your affairs. Already Lava is being labeled a gold-digger etc, etc.... I heard she is originally Jamaican so what are people going to say now??? I don't know much about her but I am not a fan... I think more than her announcement on VH1 is her phone call to Entertainment Prime basically saying she was upset about the fact that Usain Googled her... I don't get that. Well as someone tried to explain to me her saying that they met at a party is a better story....Au contraire, if I was googled by someone who for whatever reason heard about me or saw something they liked, I would not be ashamed about it. In fact if we end up getting together it would make a great story for our kids:-)

Anyways listen to her talk about it in the vid below:

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