The second live show for the third season of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall will take over Weekendz Bistro and Bar on Constant Spring Road tonight at 9:30pm. Two things I know for sure. Four people will be voted off and Mamayashi will rock the place with her fab designs....

Tonight four of last week’s 10 performers will be sent home and will lose their chance of becoming this year’s Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall. It’s all down to the voting and the two princes and two princesses with the lowest votes will have to go home. The 10 contestants who did not perform last week will have their chance to shine tonight.

Also sharing in the spotlight will be designer Mamayashi! Yeah! Love her designs which are unique, feel sooo good and of course channel Rastafrai. Artists like Nelly Stharre, marie-claire, and Alaine

Check out some of her designs below!

Models in Mamayashi on Magnum Tour

Singer Jah9 wearing a Mamayashi skirt paired with a Tuff Like Iron top

To see Mamayashi Collection click HERE!

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