So we have interviewed Soca artists based in the Region, what of the artist in America for example trying to make it in this genre. Check out Ricardo Drue who is not letting geography prevent him from representing for the region!

1. What is your definition of Soca music?
To me Soca music is a music of energy, Soca music otherwise known as Soul Calypso, is a music of dance and uplifting vibes. Its one of the few sounds that will make you move with out even knowing it. lol

2. Most people associate Soca with Trinidad, much like Reggae to Jamaica; is Trinidad the authority on Soca?
I would say yes, Soca music originated in Trinidad and Tobago from calypso, I mean other islands have influenced the sound of Soca which all adds up to what it is today!

3. Some say Soca is just for Carnival, what say you?
I would have to disagree, but, because of the hype of carnival, the excitement of Soca is usually the biggest around carnival time, but we as artist need to make Soca music for the year so its not considered seasonal .

4. How has being a Soca artist enriched your life?
Soca music as i said is a music of energy, it allows you to be free, as an artist you have to be able to deliver that kinda vibe everytime you record or it has allowed to be an easy going person, taught me how to free up myself and not be so uptight .

5. Where have you not been for Carnival that you would like to visit in the next five years?
Well I haven't been to a couple of countries like Jamaica (but i'm going in April for the first time) cayman islands, and Antigua, Grenada, Guyana and St. Lucia…. I am ashamed lol

6. What does Soca need to get international recognition that regional genres like Reggae and Reggaeton do?
Soca needs a sound for example you can listen to Reggeaton and tell its Reggeaton or Reggae and tell its Reggae; Soca has so many different variations (which is not always a bad ting) that people tend to get confused and go for music that is a bit more basic, it may also need someone like a P Diddy, or Jay Z to take the music seriously or catch vibe for the music and an artist to deliver it properly.

Read Ricardo's answers to our 20 Questions by clicking HERE!

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