So I am reading this article on the Daily Mail about recently released reports that girls at young as 2 years old are at risk of being raped in Haitian tent cities. It paints a picture of women not being protected by UN soldiers, women who live side by side with their attackers, afraid to speak out. None of that to me was worse than the quote from the Information Minister Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lasseguee, who said last month: "We are aware of the problem, but it's not a priority.'

Information Minister Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lasseguee

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Even though she said it last month, it should have been a priority then..... As a woman, probably a mother and fellow human being, how can she say that???? The women of any nation are it's strength. We birth, nuture, feed its young, we encourage the men, we educate them, we give them our strength and love.....No woman or woman child deserves to be raped. Ever. Period.

Shame on this woman. I hope she issues another statement, Either saying that she was misquoted or that she is sorry, As far as I am concerned those words should have never left her mouth...

Mamzelle have my head well tense dere, you know.

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