Ce'cile escaped with a minor cut after a scary accident earlier this week. According to The Jamaica Star: The singer's luxury car was damaged when it broke through a stone wall as she tried to avoid being crushed by the trailer. The front end was damaged leaving the car 'wobbling'. The left fog light was broken, the tyres were damaged and there was also damage to the fender. However, the airbags did not deploy and the grateful singer isn't worried much about the damage.

Ce'Cile explains that on Friday, she was in a hurry to get to Montego Bay, but got an early warning that she needed to slow down. "I got a speeding ticket at Faith's Pen and from there I decided to drive moderately," she said.

Keen on driving safely, she took a detour through Chalky Hill and when she got to an area known as Hermitage about 8:38 p.m, she said she saw a car coming in the opposite direction. She also noticed, 'a long flat-bed trailer' overtaking the car and bearing down on her. The trailer's lights were not on.

"I thought I was gonna die," she said, while relating the incident to THE STAR yesterday. "I could not believe I was still in one piece."

Ce'cile posted this message on her Facebook:

Hi Guys, Im good, nothing happened to me, thanks to God, reflexes n my car (even tho i smashed it in a wall to avoid being crushed by the trailer, it actually jumped the embankment and saved me) certainly no thanks to that wicked trailer driver, he was on opposite side of road trying to over take the car in front of him, braked , jacknifed n nearly killed my a**,

..Hey, she keeps it real:-)

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