You know how I know the power of Soca???
When I see and hear people trying to sing Peter Ram's "Woman By My Side." Dem dere doh know wha de rasss dey singing you kno...hear dem:

Picture you down by Deems /and there's no girls limeng/no girls dat de cavecaves and cublablopt/no girls down spring garden/no girls winening Lord....
I swear I get a kix from people trying to sing certain lines of that song....If you doh know where Tim's is or what is Cohobblopot or when is Spring Garden it might not make sense. No matter, everyone chimes in on the chorous and redeem themselves, in a sense I guess.

And all together they sing (man and woman alike
Ah need a woman by my side/DOWN DE ROAD/One who will make me realize/DOWN DE ROAD/ That I should never lose my pride/DOWN DE ROAD/Dem gyal so pretty/ keep me satisfied!
So who is this man Peter Ram that have man and woman alike chipping inside the club in New York, or happy hour in Dominica or by de road next to a fish stand in anyone of our beautiful Caribbean island? Well first read what he has to say about the music he sings called Soca:

1. What is your definition of Soca music?
A tool for uniting the Caribbean people , a celebration of us as a people .

2. Most people associate Soca with Trinidad, much like Reggae to Jamaica; is Trinidad the authority on Soca?
They are the makers of Soca, so yes they are.

3. Some say Soca is just for Carnival, what say you?
Soca is for any period , it is the heartbeat of the people .

4. How has being a Soca artist enriched your life?
I have been able to meet a wide cross-section of people . I have also won awards . Being involved in Soca has allowed me to become a household name .

5. Where have you not been for Carnival that you would like to visit in the next five years?
Japan , Africa and Australia jumping with the Kangaroos ...lolol

6. What does Soca need to get international recognition that regional genres like Reggae and Reggaeton do?
A pathway needs to be created for this to be achieved . Key music industry executives need to be behind this transition . Collaborations also need to be done with artistes from various genres ...Jay Z perhaps!

and then find out more about Peter Ram and see what he answers to our 20 Questions HERE!

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