The US Library of Congress is trying to establish a Caribbean section. These efforts were aided with a presentation of books on Jamaica by Ambassador to the US Anthony Johnson. The books were received by Acting Chief of the library's Hispanic Division Dr. Everett Lawson.

The books, which depict the life and work of Jamaican Jewish Artist, Isaac Mendes Belisario (1794-1849), were made available by author, Jackie Ranston, through Valerie Facey of publishing house Mill Press Limited. Belisario is remembered for having preserved the culture of the slaves with his works of art.

Some suggestions from me:
anything by Jamaica Kincaid
The Dominica Story: A History Of The Island by Lennox Honyechurch
A House For Mr. Biswas by V.S Naipaul
The Orchid House by Phyllis Shand Allfrey
Notebook Of A Return To The Native Land by Aime Cesaire
Works of Derek Walcott

Of course there is a lot more, but that's a start (as the Trinis say) ain't?

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