Reigning calypso monarch of Dominica Dennison"Dice" Joseph will be a no show at this years calpso show.

Dice at World Creole Music Festival 2008

Pat Aaron writes not only for Dice but several calpsonians as well. He says he his boycotting due to unfair treatment that his Mas Camp Calypso Tent has received. In a movement of solidarity Dice says he will boycott the show as a show of protest. According to the Chronicle, Dice said "when I am told by the Calypso Association that my contributions to calypso are the same as everbody else, I believe that they are talking nonsense. The amount of young people who have been drawn to calpso because of my successess cannot be compared and there are people who hate to give jack his jacket, but I deserve better.
It's too bad that Dice won't be performing. I was really looking forward to seeing for myself the performances that has so captivated the public: fans and haters alike.

Here is a clip of his performance at Creole In the Park 2008:

Daddy Chess will also not perform this year. This former Dominica Calypso King will be in Trinidad for the International Soca Monarch competition. Best of luck to him!

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