Battle of the phone giants!

Posted by Ayeola | 1/09/2009 06:28:00 PM

It's all out war between LIME and their telecommunications rival Digecl. And well, LIME came out on top (peep the pic above, lol). The Supreme Court in Jamaica basically ordered Digicel to restore all connections between the networks of the two providers.

LIME has also claimed damages for breach of the Interconnection Agreement between the parties; damages pursuant to the Fair Competition Act; costs; interest; and any further or other relief which the court deems just. Digicel is expected to present its case in court on February 3.

Of course Digicel claims that it has not breached the interconnection agreement and says that technical issues were due to a system upgrade.

Now remember Cable and Wireless / LIME was the only chicken in the coop for decades. and Digicel is de major cock that trying to run de backyard. Oh the joys and pitfalls of free market economy. More as this story develops.

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