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Kudos to Nurse Karen who officially launched a campaign to get MySpace to officially list soca as a musical genre on their site.
It's called Bring Soca to MySpace.The goals of this group are
· The creation of a Soca category in MySpace Music

· The featuring of Soca artist profiles on the site splash page

· The inclusion of editorial relating to Anglo-Caribbean music

· The creation of a MySpace Caribbean regional English-language sub-site.

At present, MySpace considers the Caribbean to fit under the umbrella of Latin America. Therefore Caribbean users often login to into a Spanish-language interface featuring the latest in Reggaeton and Latin Pop. Organizers believe that the end result of the above recommendations will create a win-win situation for the soca music industry, fans and MySpace alike.

Artists already use site, but they have to describe their sounds as Reggae, Tropical, Fusion or Zouk. I have already seen Jam Band too. There is no category that represents them. As a result, Soca artists never have the chance rise to the top of MySpace music charts. Soca is way bigger than that, so the time is now for a change."

The non-partisan campaign, officially endorsed by (Nurse) Karen (Etc), Soca Therapy, Canada's #1 Soca radio program, and Mastamind Productions (Soca Producer/Composer) asks for the grassroots support of all Caribbean media outlets, entertainment professionals and music fans.

Supporters may assist in the following ways:

· Post or circulate this media release and campaign poster (hey did that)

· Join Bring Soca to MySpace in Myspace Groups (bam! dun it!)

· Email MySpace in support (did that the day i signed up to myspace)

· Encourage contacts to join the Bring Soca to MySpace group (I'm talkin to u)

· Add your logo to future versions of the poster ( The Lime, The Lime, The Lime)

For more information, to get involved or to join the Bring Soca to MySpace group please visit:

To send an email to MySpace in support of the campaign

· All emails must be addressed to:

· The subject line must read: Re: Media - Not listed [ref:00D78NrS.50077iea4:ref]

· An effective support letter should list your name, age group, occupation, country and reasons for supporting the campaign

To get your logo added to campaign posters:

Send an email describing your affiliation, along with an attached photo to

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