The MAKE A FILM IN 24 HOURS competition of the Reggae Film Festival 2010 begins Monday, February 24 at 8:30 a.m. when Registration will commence at the Hilton Kingston Hotel. The competition invites Jamaica-based film makers -- professionals or amateurs -- to use film, video or cell phone cameras to make a 5 minute film in 24 hours, beginning on Monday and finishing on Tuesday morning, February 23.

The competition will be moderated by film and TV director Rick Elgood, ('Me an Mi Krew'). Entries will be shown during the REGGAE FILM FESTIVAL 2010 and prizes will be awarded.

All production in the 24 Hours Film Competition must take place in 24 hours only. To ensure that no pre-filming takes place before the competition begins, entrants will be informed one hour before the competition starts of a Theme and/or Element that must be incorporated in their film.

Films must be 5 minutes long, submitted in mini-DV, DVD or DATA-mpeg and contain no explicit sexual, violent or illegal images. Ten films will be selected for final awards using a judging criteria of 25% for Story, 40% for Directing, Editing and Cinematography, 20% for Production Values and 15% for Acting/Presenter.

Films will be shown at the Reggae Film Festival on each night's programme and become part of the travelling showcase 'The Best of the Reggae Film Festival' to be presented in Montego Bay, Miami and California. Winning film makers will receive 50% of net proceeds of any sales for internet streaming, pay-per-view broadcast or as part of a DVD collection put on sale by the Jamaica Film Academy.

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