4:53pm on January 12, 2010 marks the historic moment when a nation’s capital was reduced to dust and rubble.

It took a catastrophe to remind us of our Haitian neighbors and the voices of the Haitian people must now be heard.

The Jamaican Music Fraternity has heard their call, and has come together through the combined efforts of Producer Handel Tucker (Jamaican Groove Society), songwriter Raymond Azan (For Jamaica Inc.) and brand specialist Andrea Davis (International Reggae Day) to sing a song which asks each one of us, world citizens, to listen! By dedicating the profits from the sale of this song to Haiti’s recovery and rehabilitation, the goal is to provide a way for all of us to help, not just today, but for years to come.

Listen! is a call to action. Listen... and hear the voices of the hurt, the starving, the lost, the old; those in need of medicine, food, education and hope. Listen 2 the Call! And act.

Listen 2 the Call - 4:53” is a special mix of the song, which runs for four minutes and fifty three seconds.

This version will premiere globally on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 4:53pm to commemorate the killer 7.0 quake that devastated the Haitian capital, and offer encouragement and support to the people of Haiti.

The vision for the February 23rd launch of this song is for the Global Village to broadcast, in resounding stereo, one sentiment: "YES, WE HEAR YOU! Yes! We will help! You are not alone!":A message of love, hope and solidarity to the people of Haiti and all over the world who need help.

“The creation of the song was based on my own challenges and dilemma. When you are confronted with a decision to help others, it is so easy to walk away. But its not for someone else to deal with the issue – I need to deal with the issue,” says Raymond Azan, songwriter/composer of “Listen 2 the Call”, a song he wrote in March 2009. “The majority of people in this world have an honest sense of good and just need to see a pathway to get onboard.” The idea is that in this digital age, this song project can provide a vehicle to raise money to assist the victims of the quake, not just now, but during the coming years as they rebuild their nation.

“When you sing a song to strengthen someone, it’s not just for today, it is for generations to come. [This] music will live with them for the rest of their lives,” says Luciano, one of the first voices on the song. This sentiment is echoed by dub poet Mutabaruka who agrees that there is also a great sense of fulfillment derived from participating “in the musical journey to see what the music can do… not only to give a kind of strength but also ‘upliftment’ to those who listen.”

“Listen 2 the Call” is a special musical gift from Jamaica to Haiti with Love, and is being made possible through the kind contribution of more than 30 of Jamaica’s top artistes and musicians collaborating on one song.

For a brief overview of the creative direction of the project, please visit our YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/listen2thecall

To participate in the Global Simulcast Premiere on Tuesday, February 23rd, please visit www.listen2thecall.com to register to download the song.

Click on the clocks to synchronize with Haiti for Broadcast - Downloads of the Song and Video will be available from 12:00 noon, Haiti Time on Tuesday, February 23, 2010.

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