I'm sure you've heard of the news
It's Convent High School's anniversay
One hundred and fifty-two years ago
The first school bell rang in the country

The mother superior was there
and Bishop Vesque I declare
somethiiing, something at the first Convent school
Folks gathered to wonder and cheer
Folks gathered to wonder and cheer

It's CHS anniversry
We're proud of it's mighty history
From six girls to a thousand and over we're sure
It's CHS anniversary!

OMG people believe it or not, I am writing this with tears in my eyes. Happy tears though, as I reminisce on my years at Dominica's leading secondary school (haters back off) Convent High School. I remember anniversary celebrations where we had to go to Cathedral for mass, I felt so proud walking from the school in my uniform. Of course we edited the anniversary song and added ooh-oohs and changed intonations all in good fun! Yesterday was the 152nd anniversary and I just want to congratulate past and current students who are a part of this long and prestigious history.

These pics are from the 150th anniversary parade in 2008. I was at the 2nd one held during Reunion/Independence (there was a much bigger one during Carnival). It was soo much fun. Past students including then Minister of Community Development Lorren Bannis was marching. My mom made my uniform and I even put ribbons in my hair, though funny enough I don't ever think I wore ribbons at school.

Here'a a part of the school song. A song for strong leaders who continue to represent for CHS and Dominica. Scientists, lawyers, teachers, business women, Bloggers (wink, wink), DJs, mothers, even the Caribbeans first female Prime Minister, and Dominica's current speaker of the house passed through the halls of CHS.

Lamp of Knowledge, Wisdom, Virtue
Light of hope and faith and love
We will follow your wise guidings
Sure that effort conquers all

Convent High School youth
We our islands pride
We the leaders of tommorow
One in mind, and heart, and hand
One in mind, and heart and land
True to church, to home and land
True to church to home and land

Big up Sir Peters! Hottest male teahcer at Convent EVER!!!!!!

oh and past students who want to join CHS mailing list click HERE

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