One million dollars cash and a quantity of VVIP tickets for the Beyonce ‘I Am’ concert were stolen during a heist at the home of West Indies batting legend Brian Lara, on Tuesday.

But police sources said Lara was distraught over the loss of several pieces of jewelry which he received during his record-breaking cricketing career.

Among the items stolen, was the honorary Order of Australia which was bestowed on Lara by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

That is messed up but from all accounts it looks like an inside job. Lara left his home for about three hours the day it happened (Tuesday) and locked up the place. According to police there was no sign of forced entry. I think what is stinging for him is the memories attached to the awards he lost. I mean Brian Lara can get into any concert in Trinidad he wants to so I'm sure he is not crying over them Beyonce tickets, but to loose an honor that you hold dear, is another story. Hope the police recovers it-- meantime he has pics, and his memory.

Lara's Mansion on Chancellor Hill, St Clair
Photo source


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