Esclav Band out of Dominica has a new CD out for Carnival 2010 called Revolution. Can't wait to hear. Had a brief stint singing with the band last year....was sooo much fun. They are craaaazzy-fun, energetic, hard worker and full of kixxxx.....And Big up to Alwin (of Bully Graphicz and T.W.I.C.E Clothing) who also designed the cover!

To get your copy of the CD call 2451153,6154643 or other numbers listed at the end of the video below to place your orders.

And visit Yohan "Puskey" Ferrol's site for his Production House O5 Studios. He is Esclav's drummer/producer/sometime engineer/driver/motivator/house comedian/and a badass-sickout-sample-boom-shakalakalaka-boombastic producer:-)

and visit Esclav on Facebook

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