Since Gaza Kim's ignominous exit from the Portmore Empire, Gaza fans have been wondering about her replacement, Vanessa Bling a.k.a Gaza Slim.
The singer has already recorded three songs since joining with the Empire late last week. She has a solo song called Mean Man, ahard-hitting collaboration called Bedroom Bathroom with Sheba, and a highly touted combination with Vybz Kartel himself called 'When You Touch Me'.
Born Vawnessa Faddler, the 18 year-old grew up in the Lawrence Tavern community in St. Andrew. She attended Oberlin High where she concentrated on business-oriented subjects before graduating in 2008. While growing up, she attended the Grant Hill Pentecostal church in Lawrence Tavern where she participated in the church choir. She was also active in the high school choir, and once she left high school, she decided that she wanted to be a professional singer.
Interestingly, she recorded her first song, Only God Knows with the controversial comedic tag team of Twins of Twins two years ago. And now that she has joined the hottest crew in dancehall today, the Portmore Empire, her stocks are on the rise.
Asked how her parents felt about her joining the Empire, she responded:
"Well, they're proud of me, they feel I have the potential to make it."
She doesn't seem ruffled by the controversies that have rocked the Empire in recent weeks.
"I am here to do my thing to the best of my ability and to hopefully learn and improve and become a better singer," she said.
Asked what she could bring to the Portmore Empire, she laughed and remarked:
"Well, I can write my own songs and I have my own unique flavour, the world will soon see that."
Vybz Kartel christened her Gaza Slim because of her thin waist line, and petite bone structure.
"I like the name very much. The first time I heard it, I laughed, then it just kind of grew on me...I always smile when I hear it called."

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