It's 2009 soon to be 2010 and there is no doubt that this is the information age, where in mere seconds, news is spread via text, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Youtube. It is digged, Stumbled upon and more. So its no suprise to see or hear celebs giving their opinions online. If fact for the most part I welcome it, as some of my posts are directly sourced from information these artists post. I think that there is a line that must be drawn at some point though and Swizz Beatz just crossed it, and so did Mashonda.

Basically he posted his fustration at being called out for cheating on his wife with Alicia Keys. According to his tweets, he was separated for two years so he did nothing wrong plus he is a good dad and no one is commending him for that. See it here below:

Then Mashonda responds basically confirming what everyone already knows and which Swizz admits to - he was still married.

Ok, if Swizz Beats wants to big up Alicia Keys and thank his fans for their support there is nothing wrong in that. I just think he could have been more tasteful. No mention of his marital issues should have been made. As for Mashonda, she was doubly wrong in responding. She should have stopped at that open letter to Alicia Keys, many people thought her to be the bigger person then. Now, I'm not so sure.

Both of the tweets have been removed but it's to little to late-case in point, my post.

Bottom line, these two need to grow up, move on, finalize this divorce already and focus on their child. Maybe Mashonda needs a man, trust me Swizz and Alicia would be the last thing on her mind.

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