In 2008 an estimated 20,000 people in the Caribbean became infected with HIV, and around 12,000 died of AIDS. After sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean has a higher HIV prevalence than any other area of the world, with 1.0% of the adult population

Ok so last night College Lifestyle aired on CVM and my flatmates and I were super excited because one of our friends was featured on the show...Ok it turned out to be more cause my hall of residence REX NETTLEFORD HALL was featured and so was the all-male Chancellor Hall.

The majority of the show focused on HIV/AIDS awareness. Students basically spoke of what their impression of AIDS was, how they felt about the stigma of the disease, and what can be done to improve awareness and overall reduce the rate of HIV infection among our peers. All the students were well spoken (so proud) but one in particular Rosina Casserly stood out for me. She is a philosophy student and very opinionated on the subject. When she stated that UWI had highest density of HIV on the island, she started a debate in the house.

Some of my friends said they already knew that, some said that is not true, and some like me were just in SHOCK!!!!!!! I was like what?????? Highest???? Here???at UWI where the best and the brightest live and learn?????? Wow...I'm really...I am. But I am glad that we watched that episode, it got all persons present to actively dialogue about HIV/AIDS, we spoke of partying on campus (Carnival, Integration Thursdays, Drink Ups) and how easy it is to have a one-night stand especially with so many of these fetes being sponsored by Liquor companies. We also spoke about the need to be prepared at all times (girls, walk with condoms), and for self-preservation. We even discussed the whole issue of trust and if people in committed relationships should wear condoms or not. If you have had close calls, consider yourself lucky and just vow from here on out to look out for yourself . Trust me I will be doing that.

BTW Christina, the outfit was HOTTT as usual;-)

This episode re-airs Saturday at 6:30PM-Don't miss.

Go to AVERT's website for more info.

And for a World Health Organization (WHO) Epidemiological Fact Sheet on your individual island click HERE and just click on your country for all the statistics.

One more site, visit PANCAP, PanCaribbean Partnership against HIV/AIDS for more info specific to the region.

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