OOOO Lisa Hype you picked the wrong itch to fuck wid. Spice totally killed her- lyrically speaking of course. Spice released a statement in response to Lisa Hype's "Sting Aftermath" diss song on which she along with other female Dancehall artists are mentioned,

Spice says:

"Lisa Hype, I mean Lisa Swipe is in no position to utter the words she did from her mouth, but I honestly feel very sorry for her. She's going through a shameful time in her life right now and is obviously lookingfor a dark hole to stick her head in. Lisa Swipe is calling names to keep her name out there; but my name? She ah play wid fire. She know say she nuh bad like mi likkle fingah. Di time she tek ah pick pon difemale artiste dem, she need fi go clean off di discharge offah harstomach. She ah gwaan like ah me tek har pictuh an sen' it out. And it's such a pity. Outta every female artiste name whe she call, she ahdi crawniest one. She feavah Geico lizard. I've been in the business for 10 years and I've never stooped so low, just to get highlighted.But Lisa doesn't know when to stop stooping and get up off her knees.It's tragic. Let me not bother to go there because she is not in my world. Lisa, as a woman-to-woman, I have never been as humiliated asyou are in my life, so I have no idea what you are going through. I canonly imagine. So I wish you a speedy recovery,"

Speaking of her non-performance at Sting, she adds:

"Nuffy sabotaged my thing. After Pamputae performed, he knew it should have been me, but he called up General B instead. When did he expect meto perform after that? During the clash with him and KipRich. It was unprofessional and it was done purposely because before that he was following the lineup and list. I just want to apologise to my fans fornot performing. I didn't get the chance to and I had a real end of year performance in store."

Yow this chune is bad!

According to one876 entertainment Lisa Hyper just laughed in response:

"Spice can stay de gwaan talk, tell her say mi have her file."

Well Lisa Hype have to come real good to beat that and she have to have a hefty file cabinet!!!!

Come on ladies, let's play nice in the new year...

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