Sorry guys, I wasn't holding out on you, but I totally forgot to mention the competition for the new Puma Ventis logo. Basically you can just go to and upload your logo in the comment section along with your name, age and location. The contest ends today so hurry!

Please note: and this is muy importante. One entry per person

And if my name wasn't Ayeola George eh, you know I had more than one idea! LOL. Take a look see:

Swedish: Vind
French: Vent
Spanish: Viento
Puma: Ventis

(written with Arnold Shwazzenegaer accent)"Ventis is on yurr feet, there's no vone you caant beet!
Translation_When this is on your feet there's no one you can't beat!

Preying Ventis: Pavements Beware!

So which do you think I posted? Click HERE to find out.

And one more thing. Doh steal my ideas eh! I will come for my royalties seen? Arite.

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