Four-time calypso and 5-time road march winner Dennison “King Dice” Joseph promises a spectacular event for patrons attending the King Dice and Friends Father’s Day Concert on Saturday June 19th at Dominica’s Harlem Plaza.

According to MC and co-organizer, Val “Young Bull” Cuffy, this concert was organized especially with fathers in mind. “Mother’s Day gets a great deal of coverage and is such a big event in the annual calendar; we want to do the same for fathers. They deserve their roses too.” He added, “We have for them a strong lineup of popular local artists including headliner King Dice a favorite of many Dominicans."

King Dice will ring in Father’s Day with a variety of songs from his repertoire including moving social commentaries like “(Help) My Brothers’ For Me”, “Higher” as well as the Reggae lovers’ anthem “Chance”. Having not performed at Calypso Finals this year, King Dice believes that this show will be a treat for the fans. “I will deliver like I am at the finals, so they can expect props, extras, wardrobe changes, and stage effects.” Dice, who was approached by Cuffy with the idea for the show, also believes in the importance of recognizing and celebrating fatherhood. “I am a father too and it’s a great feeling to honor dads like this. I think it will be a great show full of love and positive energy.”

Preceding Dice on stage will be local Reggae artists Dr. Silk, Atunyah and Abessah. The nine performing calypsonians are: Sye, De Professor (Jr. Calypso Monarch 2009 & 2010), Soul Puss, Hunter (Former Calypso King), Tasha P, Yakima, Checker, Triumph and Prosper.

Tickets for the show, which starts at 9PM, costs $30.00 and $50.00 VIP. It is sponsored by LIME as well as Bulls Eye Pharmacy, Heineken, Jolly’s Pharmacy, Minya’s 7-11 and Courts.

For ticketing info call (767)265-0208 or (767)245-8601


A former Junior Calypso Monarch, Dennison “King Dice” Joseph is the youngest and only calypsonian to win four national crowns and five consecutive road march titles in Dominica calypso history. His first win was in 2004 with the songs “Peace Is My Business", dedicated to world leaders, and the second round crowd pleaser "Animal Farm," which compared politicians to various farm animals. In 2005 he captured the crown with his songs "Help My Brother For Me” and the political satire “Puppet Master." On February 25th 2006, King Dice made history by becoming the third but youngest calypsonian in 30 years to win 3 calypso crowns in 3 consecutive years, accomplishing what many veteran calypsonians have yet been able to do. "These Are The Days" and "I Eh Fraid Of Them" were the two songs he performed that night. Although Dice was definitely the crowd favorite on the night of February 17th 2007, where he performed "Lights" and "Follow Your Leader;" He placed 4th out of nine other calypsonians. Not breaking from the recipe that secured his prior wins, Dice with the help of songwriter Pat Aaron came back a year later to capture the crown with "Roll The Dice And See" and "On My Own." By then he had won the road march five times in a row with the songs "Tarzan"-2003, "Animal Farm-2004, "Puppet Master"-2005, "I Eh Fraid"-2006 and "Lights"-2007.

King Dice is presently contracted as the face of Heineken Beer in Dominica. He has received several awards for his accomplishments in the calypso arena including A Young Achievers Award in 2004 from the Commonwealth of Dominica Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs, Sports and Human Resource Development for his contribution to culture. In July 2006, he became a member of the Elite- Tri Peat Club. Along with the other two calypsonians who have won 3 consecutive crowns he received his blue 3 peat jacket from the University of the West Indies in Dominica and Pawol Inc. He also received in 2006 a Youth Ambassador Award from the National Youth Council of Dominica in recognition of his contribution to calypso art form and for his 3-peat achievement. King Dice has taken part in workshops and forums on the island, with several groups including the Optimist Club who's main focus is youth development. In 2006 he released his 13 track debut CD entitled A Little Higher, co produced by himself and his writer Pat Aaron, consisting of all his calypsos from as far back as 2003, the ever popular “Chance,” "Hold On To Cricket", a song for cricket fans all over the Caribbean, urging them to have faith in the west Indies cricket team, and a few other party tunes. His latest album is a compilation of his hits called

Currently on hiatus from formal calypso competition, Dice hopes to return to the big stage in 2011. In the meantime he performs for fans in Dominica and the world at stageshows, music festivals and other events.

King Dice Interview With The LIME


"(Help)My Brothers For Me"

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