Gospel singer Carlene Davis is looking forward to ministering to loyal patrons at the 5th Annual Gospel Explosion on the Newtown Savanna tonight. No stranger to Dominica, Ms. Davis has visited the island at least six times all spaced out, "so each time I come it's like I've only just begun.

Of her performance tonight she says" I am hoping that lives will be changed, especially for the youngsters who are coming out. I hope that they would feel as if they accomplished something; that they know who they are; that they have purpose in their lives and that they can step out and fulfill that vision that's on their heart, that dream that's inside of them.

Speaking of the youth and the incorporating of Gospel in different genres like Dancehall and
Soca, she states "the way I look at it, with every region, every territory, God has given us something unique to work with. With each genre, whether RnB, Soca, Dancehall,Reggae-this is what God has given us, and there's nothing with the riddim, it's the message that makes the difference. so music is not immoral, its the message. So once they're declaring Christ is Lord, we're good to go.

She can't stop gushing about the green and lush Dominican vegetation, the relaxing atmosphere the friendly people. Luckily, she got a chance to take a break from media engagements and rehearsals to relax at screws spa. He reaction when stepping into the warm mineral pool? A fervent Glory! and Hallelujah!

Hopefully she is rested and ready to deliver a powerful and entertaining (remember she wants to "party for Jesus") ministry tonight. Lookout for a love-themed album from her in the near future.

Joining Carlene on stage will be fellow Jamaican Ordinary AKA Mr. Amen, Koen Duncan from Trinidad & Tobago, and from Dominica Brother's of Resistance, Michael Ferrol, Beyond and DJ Alfy.

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